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Private Tour Options & Features:

We pride ourselves in helping people host the most unique and exciting private parties in New Orleans. From small bachelor and bachelorette parties, to large corporate events, we have the hosting experience, the best tour packages, impressive local connections, and an array of transportation options; all of which can be used to design the most memorable private event or custom tour experience.

Our private events and custom tours can accommodate small groups of two to six guest, all the way to large groups of 200 or more!

  • Private transportation, with hotel pickup and drop-off

  • All inclusive pricing

  • Insulated coolers and other supplies are included

  • Flexible starting times between 9am and 1pm

  • The perk of being able to bring beer onboard (not allowed on general admission tours)

  • Tour add-ons, including supercar racing, brewery tours and more!

  • Complimentary night club entry for bachelor and bachelorette private parties

To reserve your private party or build your custom tour call 504.494.0424

Founded in 2016, Gators and Guns is the only shooting tour in New Orleans; providing a fully automatic indoor shooting experience, followed by a two-hour airboat tour of the Louisiana swamp and bayou.

The founders of Gators and Guns, Peter and Patrick, were inspired by their love for introducing their out of town guests to an afternoon at the shooting range and a day on the water. It turns out these two activities combined perfectly and Gators and Guns was born from there!

Gators and Guns provides hundreds of tours annually; every year growing in the number of guests and tour options.


"Seeing the gators up close was AMAZING. Getting to touch the small one that the guide had on board was really cool – never knew what they felt like and getting to pass around that rubbery-feeling animal was a whole new experience. Felt VERY safe at the gun range with the professionals there. Good fun, exciting, and very well organized…."

- Andy H.

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